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Not everyone can build their dream home. So, why not make some improvements to the one you have now. You might be pleasantly surprised what Builders Galway can do for you.

A comfortable home from Galway Builders can help to make your life a lot easier.

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Our specialization

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We have an architect on call at all times. We can deal with yours if you have one or make one available to you.

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Exterior Design

People often forget to think about how the outside of their new home will look. We don't. It is just as important.

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Landscape Design

What is the use of having a beautiful house if it is not in the proper setting. We can design and build one for you.

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We look after all your planning issues for you. We report to you at every stage. This will take a weight off you.

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Furniture Design

Can't find the right furniture for your new home? Design the new furniture for your new home design. Make sense?

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Interior Design

All of our staff are trained to give you their best, but if you want that little extra, talk to our designers.

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Our recent projects


Margaret Curtis


Margaret drives our welcome wagon. i.e. she is very likely your first point of contact when you reach out to us. She is our receptionist. She mans the phones and she makes the coffee, but only because she likes coffee and does not like the way the rest of us make it. She oils the wheels and knows what is happening all of the time. Indispensable.

project manager

Matthew Fox

Project Manager

Matt is our project manager. He will oversee your building project and ensure that you get the best service and the best value for your money that we can give you. He is highly qualified and experienced, having worked on some major building projects in London and Australia as well as all over Ireland. If you have any questions about your build, he is the man to call.

Our expert team

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Theo Connolly

Sales & Advertising
Site Forman

Tom Kelly

Senior Site Foreman
Interior Designer

Elizabeth Black

Interior Designer